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Danielle and Jay

Duluth, MN, United States

Our wedding day was a whirlwind of happy tears, nerdy words, and a lot of laughter. I started the day with mimosas and 90s hits with my girls, while my soon-to-be husband ate breakfast and drank beers with his buddies.

Once hair and makeup were done we moved over to the venue where my sister and mother helped me slip on my gorgeous Bijou Gown by Hayley Paige.

My wedding planner/officiant brought our bouquets over and mine looked stunning, the added details like the lace from my mother's dress, the pomeranian charms, and the heart charm from my husband's step mother's funeral only made it more beautiful.

We took photos with friends, family, and of course our Pomeranian pups Potato and Molasses. During the seating of our guest we played Potatus et Molassus by Petrojvic Blasting Company, the Latin language version of the song that inspired our dogs' names.

My husband insisted on walking down the aisle to Chariots of Fire, while I opted for Great Fairy Fountain from Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Our vows were said, we both cried and laughed at each other's words. We bashfully exited while Do You Realize? by The Flaming Lips was playing.

It was so important to us to have music and small details that screamed us added to our wedding.

Some of our favorite details were:

Instead of traditional table numbers we had lyrics from our favorite love songs. Guests had to find their tables from the artist and song title written on their escort card.

Our grand entrance was to the Pokémon theme song as we ran around the ballroom "catching" our bridal party. I made Pokédex entries for each person that gave our guests a glimpse into who they are and what our friendship is like.

Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering are some of my hub's biggest hobbies, we honored that by putting dice in the boutonnieres and special painted Lotuses on the gift table. He also wore his grandfather's cufflinks in remembrance of his special bond with him.

We were blessed to have such an amazing day that reflected who we are, just a couple of kids at heart who found true love.

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