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Yvonne and Chris

Sacramento, CA, United States

Chris and I met when he opened a restaurant with his friend in the same plaza as my current job at the time. I decided it would be fun to be a server since I've always had a passion for food and, of course, it's always nice to make some extra cash. When I applied, they were already fully staffed. However, his business partner decided to hire me anyway. I started out as a host and was quickly promoted to server and even tried my hand at bartending. As a bartender, I would be the last one to leave and he would be there to lock up. One day, a regular referred to us as husband and wife and we decided to laugh it off and not correct them. Slowly, we realized how much we enjoyed each others' company. Realizing he and his business partner had different views for the future of their restaurant, Chris decided to sell his half and we ended up opening a family friendly restaurant together. Through the long hours, we fell in love with each others' ambition and work ethic. We learned that we make the perfect team because we complement each other so well. We enjoyed each others' company so much, there weren't enough hours in a day. It felt like the kind of love you only see in movies. Even though we work together 12+ hours a day, I managed the front while he manages the back of the house so we still miss each other to this day. One year, for his birthday, I treated him to a trip to Puerto Vallarta and on the last day of our trip, he proposed on the sandy beach! I was completely surprised.

Then came time for wedding planning. Everyone knows how extra I am so they all expected a very grand wedding and we expected 680 guests so I knew I had to find a dress I love and was comfortable in. My bridal squad and I had gone to two wedding boutiques before La Soie Bridal and it wasn't until I put on a Hayley Paige dress here and FINALLY felt like a bride. I still went back to a previous boutique just to be sure and I was honest with the gal. I showed her the dress I was thinking of purchasing, she took one look and said "oh, that's a Hayley Paige, she has, like, a cult following her. A lot of brides specifically want to be a Hayley Paige bride". Well, that sure confirmed my decision!

I ended up purchasing, not one, but two Hayley Paige gowns! Thank you for making me feel like a beautiful day on my best day ever.

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